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1:37pm, 9-27-2022
Get info on fun events and concerts, updates on important local issues and there's ticket giveaways, too! Plus inside glimpses of what's happening at your favorite community radio station.
5:50pm, 9-8-2022
We're excited to have Kim Weir's popular "Up The Road" segment in our program line up starting on Sept 6th!
5:54pm, 9-1-2022
We're honored to bring you the unique programming you obviously love & value. Thank you for voting for the Mighty Zephyr.
2:12pm, 9-1-2022
Learn More About How To Be On-Air By Attending Our New Programmer Orientation
3:38pm, 8-24-2022
To KZFR! It's an easy way to support the programs you love & get a tax break, too.
3:26pm, 8-24-2022
No worries! You can listen to your favorite shows in our ARCHIVE whenever you like.
10:52am, 8-24-2022
This progressive string band from Boston will get you dancing!
1:21pm, 8-17-2022
Featuring KZFR's 'Local Bands' stage, great food & summer fun in Durham!
1:15pm, 8-17-2022
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9:49am, 8-4-2022
At the Paradise Performing Arts Center in August 2022. Tickets are on sale now!
11:12am, 7-31-2022
KZFR is proud to present The American Troubadour Tour with Todd Snider & Ray Wiley Hubbard, October 21, 2022 at the Paradise Performing Arts Center
11:14am, 7-30-2022