5 Free Skill Share Presentations

We are honored to be able to offer you 5 free Skill Share presentations at the Touch of Chico this year on Sunday, Sept 17th!

A very special thank you to each of the knowledgeable presenters for offering to share their skills with all of us.

  1. Noon Qi Gung with Brae Weil Sisk
  2. 1pm Herbal Anarchy Botanical blends, balms and elixirs with Kari Lyn
  3. 2pm Equilibrium Acupuncture with Andre Valentino-Williams
  4. 3pm Trauma Informed Agency with Tam Ra Wich'ma
  5. 4:15pm Forest Therapy with Blake Ellis

Please, click here to reserve a seat at any or all of the presentations. This will help us know how many folks will be attending. We look forward to seeing all of you in the park!


Noon- 12:50 Qi Gung with Brae Weil Sisk - Brae, a queer gender non-conforming visual, performance, healing artist & co-founder of Chico Body-Wise Collective, will be offering a short workshop on Qi Gong energy work through movement and Tao Yin self massage.

1pm -1:50 Herbal Anarchy Botanical blends, balms and elixirs with Kari Lyn - Join herbalist Kari Maggiano for an educational dive into herbs for immune support! As the seasons shift, nature provides herbs to ease the transition. Learn how to craft an herbal tea using locally grown herbs such as Elderflower, Mullein & Sage – mixed with other immunity boosting herbs for whole body wellness. Experience the potent magic that happens when we bring these herbs into our culinary spaces – not only sipping our tea daily but incorporating them into soups, stews & sauces. Each guest will leave with a handcrafted herbal immune support blend and the empowerment to bring these herbs into daily life.

2-2:50 Equilibrium Acupuncture with Andre Valentino-Williams - Over the last decade Andre has been studying acupuncture under the supervision of two of the greatest orthopedic acupuncturists in the United States. His love for anatomy and helping people was the drive behind specializing in chronic pain. 

3-3:50 Trauma Informed Agency with Tam Ra Wich'ma - The focus of TamRa’s presentation & work is the correlation of the Impacts of Trauma, Emotional Dysregulation, Adverse Childhood Experiences & Substance Use. TamRa supports participants in gaining access to parts of their own stories or of their clients to make choices that support healthier outcomes. She further incorporates the connections to Collective Traumas, Intergenerational Traumas, in addition to Systemic & Oppressive Traumas. Her work illuminates the scaffolding of the social narratives we live within in order to provide opportunities for greater understanding and awareness. The intention of her work  is to create less harm//less trauma for individuals who have suffered from these afflictions, as well as support the people who love them, and the people who work to serve them in the fields of social services, education, health services and commercial industries. TamRa Wich’Ma, Master’s of Arts in Social Science at California State University, Chico emphasize in the Trauma Lens.

4:15- 6pm Forest Therapy with Blake Ellis - Join the Chico State Ecotherapy Program for a professionally guided Forest Therapy session from 4:15-6 pm  for up to 35 participants. Please be aware that this offering will involve sitting on the ground and some minimal walking/movement. We will provide stools and blankets for sitting. All participants are welcome, regardless of age, ability, or experience. Inspired by Shinrin-yoku, the Japanese practice of “Forest Bathing,” Forest Therapy provides a research-based sequence that supports wellness, stress recovery, embodiment, and nature relation. Forest Therapy is not a hike or naturalist walk - the intention of the practice is to slow down, relax, awaken the senses, and engage with the natural world.

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