In 2018, KZFR is going to fill your life with peace through music! Stay tuned to 90.1 FM, stream right here at kzfr.org or find us on your favorite social media for event details...
Keyboardist for ALO and Jack White are coming to Chico with his own band...
Ray, Kyle, and his son, Lucas will make you feel the deep Texas groove all night.
Donley Auctions Keeps on “Truckin” with Grateful Dead Auction
Priceless Grateful Dead memorabilia auction on Saturday, September 8th at 10am...
12:52pm, 8-8-2018
Carr Fire: Our Neighbors Need Our Support
2 responders have been killed, more than 40,000 acres have burned! Funds are being collected for short, long-term relief efforts...
12:30pm, 7-27-2018
Paradise Teen Sisters Team Up for Lifesaving Organ Transplant
Battling a rare and life-threatening disease, little sister Mia was in critical need of a new kidney. Big sister Nyah bravely volunteered to donate one of hers.
3:59pm, 7-26-2018
PRIDE Weekend August 2018
KZFR is a proud sponsor of this important Stonewall event. We are united in our diversity.
2:08pm, 7-20-2018
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 8-17-2018
SNB Big Room
6:00pm, 9-5-2018
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 9-21-2018
Chico Creek Nature Center
12:00pm, 9-30-2018
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 10-14-2018
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 11-8-2018
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 11-13-2018