Featuring Tommy Larkins on drums. Live at the Chico Women's Club...
Featuring 3 bands - Smokey the Groove, Loki Miller & The Ascenders!
With special guests on the Steinway Piano at the Chico Women's Club...
Call 888.593.7288 before Dec 31st - You'll get rid of an unwanted car plus a 2016 tax receipt!
9:35am, 12-8-2016
This month's Board of Director's agenda is available to preview now!
10:39am, 11-14-2016
After years of broadcasting on KZFR & KDVS, Doug Everett and crew decide to hang up the headphones.
12:34pm, 11-9-2016
Much appreciation goes to the all local non-profit groups for answering the phones during the Fall 2016 pledge drive. We couldn't do it without their help!
1:58pm, 11-2-2016
We talk about the new album 'Rasta State' on VP records, touring, the Grammy's, Black Uhuru, and more
1:00pm, 10-4-2016
Chico Women's Club
8:00pm, 12-31-2016
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 1-8-2017
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 1-9-2017
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 1-11-2017
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 1-17-2017
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 2-2-2017
Chico Women's Club
7:00pm, 2-27-2017
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 3-4-2017