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Chico Perf/ St. Joseph Gospel
Chico Perf. / Hot Club
Chico Perf./
The Floral Collective
Chico Conservation Voters
We began broadcasting July 1990, after years of hard work by some very dedicated pioneers. We'll be celebrating our 25th anniversary this summer! Stay tuned to 90.1 FM, like us Facebook or visit here again for details as they unfold.
Psych, surf and soul with vintage Cambodian pop!
With Special Guest Nina Gerber @ the Chico Women's Club!
Listen to an unheard speech by Dr. King from the Pacifica archives
11:45am, 1-23-2015
Get trained to host your own radio program!
11:25am, 1-20-2015
Be an integral part of KZFR's success!
10:46am, 1-20-2015
Thanks to the Pacifica Radio Archives, KZFR broadcast a lost recording of a speech delivered by Dr. King in London in 1964!
Lukas Nelson and his brother have been asked by Neil Young to play guitar on his new album so they have postponed our show at the Chico Women’s Club. Click photo above for more info.
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Chico Women's Club on East 3rd St.
7:30pm, 2-12-2015
Chico Women's Club on East 3rd St.
7:00pm, 2-13-2015
Chico Women's Club on East 3rd St.
7:00pm, 3-13-2015
KZFR Studios
6:00am, 4-22-2015