Pledge during our summer drive & you could win a full set of brand new tires!
2:46pm, 6-13-2021
Get the cool new cities deign on a tote bag or shirt. Plus our popular castro cap is back! See them all on the Donate page.
2:17pm, 6-13-2021
You have the power to help KZFR stay on the air for another 30 years. This station is a unique grassroots, independent radio station made possible by listeners and contributors like you.
10:59am, 6-13-2021
We want to hear it! KZFR is dedicated to broadcasting & promoting diverse music. Send it to us!
6:52pm, 6-3-2021
Serving on the board of directors allows you, the listener, the member, and community partner, an opportunity to manage KZFR’s trajectory, community outreach and fundraising activities.
3:10pm, 5-29-2021
Yes we are! Visit our YouTube Channel to learn about the people who put the people, in people powered radio and enjoy some amazing music, too!
5:55pm, 5-28-2021
Catch the encore presentation on YouTube today!
10:22am, 5-17-2021
An inspirational 2 Part Series on YouTube
12:46pm, 5-11-2021