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DJ Terre

9:29pm, 12-13-2017
Broadcasting stations have a lot of music playlist. That info they used from online posts. Everything we used prepare new stories and new broadcasting services in online.
10:20pm, 12-21-2017
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10:22pm, 12-21-2017
10:23pm, 12-21-2017
10:56pm, 1-7-2018
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In 2018, KZFR is going to fill your life with peace through music! Stay tuned to 90.1 FM, stream right here at or find us on your favorite social media for event details...
Drop off your items at the Sportsman's Warehouse on East Avenue, Chico, CA
3:07pm, 1-12-2018
Due to unforeseen circumstances this event has been postponed.
Sat, Jan 13th at the Chico Community Guild on Nord Ave
9:03am, 1-5-2018