Where does my pledge go?

Your pledge stays local and keeps community radio strong in the North State! 

Your support keeps your favorite community radio shows on the air & help us make some much needed improvements. Making it possible for your favorite independent, local, people-powered Community Radio Station to give everyone the chance to be heard. Musician, writer, activist, artist and you!

Your pledges will help pay for the installation of new operating boards ($5,000), upgrade our IT system ($7,000), a new on-air phone system ($2,000), and improvements to our Production Room such as sound proofing and installation of new CD players.

Much Needed Capital Improvements:

  • IT upgrades: $7,000
  • Board installation: $2,000
  • Production Room improvements: $800
  • New phone system of offices & studios $7,000
  • New on-air phone system for live in-studio interviews: $2,000

Plus your pledge will help us with the unavoidable Annual Costs of running a radio station such as:

  • Rents: $34,000
  • Utilities: $22,675
  • Accounting: $18,000
  • Programming: $5,680
  • Telephone/Internet: $4,000
  • Repairs: $4,000

"As a Programmer and Staff member for over 13 years, 2 of which being General Manager, I take the guidance and fulfillment of KZFR’s mission as a moral imperative. With no parent company or licensee overseeing our organization we rely on you, the supporter, listener, and volunteer to guide KZFR on our journey.

Contributing to KZFR during our Fall Pledge Drive will help us secure funding for the installation of new operating boards in the Broadcast and Production Studios ($5,000), upgrade our IT system with new cabling ($7,000), a new on-air phone system in the Broadcast Studio ($2,000), and improvements to our Production Room such as sound proofing and installation of new CD players.

Over the past 33 years, KZFR 90.1FM has been an essential, independent source of news and cultural content for the communities of the North State. Our excellently curated music programs like Celt Radio, Devastation Sounds, Island Rhythms, One World Music, and Random Pick keep you entertained throughout the week. Our locally produced news & public affairs programs like Peace & Social Justice, Ecotopia, The Real Issue, and the North State Water Report keep you informed of issues that impact the North State. In addition to helping KZFR complete capital improvements, your donation allows KZFR to continue to be an arts & culture epicenter and a reliable source of news & information.

5 Easy Ways To Pledge Your Support to KZFR Independent Community Radio

  • Text 'pledgekzfr' to 44321
  • Call 530.895.0131
  • Venmo @kzfr901
  • Mail: 341 Broadway #411, Chico, CA 95928

No worries! You can listen to your favorite shows in our Archive any time you want for 2 weeks after the original air date.
Tell us what you love about your local community radio station. Call our Testimonial Line 530.895.0167 today. Your message may be played on the air!
We're excited to bring Lizzie No to Chico on Feb 15th. Click here to sign up for our newsletter today & you'll automatically be entered into a drawing to Win 2 Tickets to the show!
12:53pm, 2-5-2024
This new show explores the wonderful sounds of open genre music. Electronic, dance, Latin, soulful & jungle beat grooves with a mashup of everything in between!
12:10pm, 1-31-2024
To categorize artists might make it easier to organize record stores and playlists but there’s no one term that could define any artist, least of all one like Lizzie No!