Approved Board of Directors Minutes for 5/8/13

PRESENT:        Maris Thompson, Steve O'Bryan, Sue Hilderbrand, Curtis Peldo,

                          Sanjay Dev, Hilary Herman                          


ABSENT:         Justin Vodden, Mary Galvin


STAFF:            Rick Anderson, Ray Laager, Grant Parks


GUESTS:         None


  I.        CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 6:04 P.M. by Maris.


 II.       AGENDA:  Move Item 3.4 Channell 11 Follow-up to Item 2.2.3 Underwriting Report.     Maris called for a  vote to approve the agenda as amended.  Unanimous.   


III.       MINUTES:  Motion by Steve to approve the April  23, 2013 Board of Director's                                                        meeting minutes as written.  Second by Curtis.  Unanimous.




                        A.   Rick;   Ruth Mathisen passed away.  A celebration of her life will be held Sunday,                                     May 19 at Riparia. 


                        B.  Maris:  Collaborative Professional Development Seminar will be held June 17-20,                                       8:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. at CSUC for 4th -9th Grade Science Teachers and ELD Teachers. 




                        A.  General Manager, Rick: 


                                     1.    No changes in the status of the transmitter since the last Board meeting. 

                                            The hum continues intermittently.  If the problem is due to the other radio                                                   station which shares the transmitter, it's a matter of turning it off while the hum is on and this becomes a timing issue.  Rick assured the Board the problem will be pursued until the cause is known,


                                      2.   Upcoming Events;  Live Broadcasts from Sierra Nevada Big Room include Chico High School Concert Band, Melody Walker/Eilen Jewel.   Benefit at Chico Women's Club with Walking Spanish and Los Cabolito del Cancion,  May 31.  Celebration of Song, Sierra Nevada Big Room, June 5.  Wayne “The Train” Hancock                                                   , Blue Room Theatre, June 11.  Stevie Cook and Friends, Chico Women's Club, June 14.  Bocce Ball, Chico Racquet Club, June 23. Live Broadcast of Mother Hips from Sierra Nevada Big Room June 24 or June 25. Wildflower School Benefit, Manzanita Place, June 29. Wooden Revolt, Chico Women's Club, July 26.


                         B.  Office Manager, Grant:


1.      $32,000 of $46,000 pledged amount for the Spring Pledge Drive has been received.  A special thanks to Jake Spechrer for all his help during the Pledge Drive.


2.      Grant and Curtis and  are creating a data base on File Maker Pro to track donor information.


                                                ACTION ITEM:  Curtis will draft a fund raising summary form                                                           to record each fundraising event for review at July 10, 2013 Board                                                       Meeting.


                        C.    Underwriting Director, Ray:   Attachment 1                                                                                 

                               This report includes all activities performed from April 1 to April 30, 2013.

                                 Underwriting activity for the month of April 2013 involved 27 contracts: 17 renewals of existing accounts and 10 new or returning accounts, totaling $10,734.00. Underwriting  activity for the same time period last year, April 2012 was $10,615.00, an increase of 2%. The total for ongoing Trade activities is $3,092.00. The grand total for all Underwriting activity for April, 2013 is $13,826.00.


                                April Underwriters

                                3 Month and Short Term Contracts – The Jewelry Box, Oroville Chamber of Commerce;                           Feather Fiesta Days, Grass Valley Center for the Arts, Chico Fish Market, Yuba City Community Memorial Museum, KVMR Celtic Festival, IMUA Media, Chico Rod & Gun Club, Red Mountain Green Cycle & Aerial Swing Yoga

                                 6 Month Contracts – Feminist Women’s Health Services, Agua Azul Oasis Day Spa, Awakened Yoga, Baker’s Birkenstock,, ChiVAA, Peters, Habib, Rush & McKenna, Pullin’s Cyclery, Rawe Tree Care & Preservation, Garden Connection, Oak Ridge Cabinets, North Woodwinds, Chico Harmony Center

                                 Annual Contracts – Law Office of Robert Amendola, Independent Living Services & CUS                          School of Continuing Education

                                 New & Returning Underwriters –Chico Rod & Gun Club, KVMR Celtic Festival, IMUA                            Media, Community Memorial Museum, ChiVAA, Center for the Arts, Oroville Chamber of Commerce: Feather Fiesta Days, The Jewelry Box, Chico Harmony Center                                

                               Trades -I.D. International Chico Sports Club,Melody Records, Printed Image, Upper Crust                                        Bakery ,Chico Racket Club, Skyway Golf, Mt. Shasta Spring Water, Cartridge World,

                                Chico News & Review,  Upgraded Living Magazine,  Growing Up Chico, Electric Canyon        `                     Studios Harrison, , Daily, Wright;  Has Beans, KVMR Celtic Festival

                                 Meetings & Events

                                 4/02/13 Meeting with Wildflower Charter School

                                  4/03/13 Meeting with Chico Racket Club, Bocce

                                  4/03/13 BNI Leadership Meeting

                                  4/04/13 BNI Meeting

                                  4/17/13 BNI Visitor Host Event

                                  4/18/13 BNI Meeting

                                  4/19/13 Staff Meeting

                                  4/23/13 Public Access TV BOD Meeting

                                  4/25/13 BNI Meeting

                        D.      Channel 11 Update, Ray:  Progress is being made in the development of a better relationship with                                         Public Access Television.  Possibilities include KZFR audio,involvement of CSUC interns, rebroadcast of concerts, Bocce Ball non-profit donation to KZFR. Ray suggested “talking it up” in the Gazette. 


                                  ACTION ITEM:  Progress report from Ray on Channel 11 at June 12, 2013                                       Board Meeting.




                        A.    Program Committee, Rick:  The committee will meet next week.  The committee

                                continues to work on program evaluation forms.                


                        B.     Fundraising Committee:  No meeting since last Board meeting; The committee is  scheduled to meet Monday, May 13.   In regard to Bocce Ball, Ray reported thatthere is one sponsor signed up for Bocce Ball and that the courts will be professionally resurfaced before the tournament. 




                         A.       Chair:  No report.       


                         B.       Vice-Chair:  No report.


                         C.       Secretary:  No report. 


                         D.       Treasurer:  Justin, Rick and Sue will draft budget by June 1 and will e-mail to                                             Board members.


                                     ACTION ITEM:  Approval of budget at the June 12, 2013 Board meeting.


VIII.    NEW BUSINESS:  None                     




                        A.    Stratetic Plan:  All committees should finish their three month action plans  bythe June 12 Board meeting. Sue and Steve Tchudy will then fine tune them and create a  data  base.  The action plans should cover September, October and November.  Sue and Curtis will e-mail their committee document to all committees as a model. 


                        B.    Art Gallery:  Members discussed the issues of security and liability.  Ray, Maris and Marc will contact Esteban for additional information, conderns and ideas.  To be revisited. 


                         E.     Board Elections:  Ad Hoc Election Committee will meet May 7, 4:00, Mary Galvin's house. Application deadline is June 1 and all applications will be e-mailed to Board members for review. Maris agrees to help record a promo for



XIII.       ADJOURNMENT:   The meeting adjourned at 7:21 p.m.                     


Next MeetingWednesday, June 12, 2013, 6:00 P.M., KZFR Conference Room. 


Respectfully submitted by Olivia duMosch

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