Part 2 of all love songs including my favorite chola and doo-wop love songs play list

Tonight on LA Sounds I'll be playing part 2 of all love songs including many from my favorite artists including Clyde McPhatter, some good old doo-wop and my favorite cholo music love songs.

The Marcells

East LA Cholas

Clyde McPhatter

07:30PM The Paradons “Love on one but you” from Love on one but you (Single)

07:33PM The Paradons “Diamonds & Pearls” from Diamonds & Pearls (Single)

07:36PM The Paradons “please Tell Me” from please Tell Me (Single)

07:39PM The Velvetones “Glory of love” from GLORY OF LOVE (Single)

07:42PM Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces “Searching for My Love” from Searching For My Love (Single)

07:45PM Bo Carter “I Love that Thing” from I Love that Thing (Single)

07:48PM Paul McCartney “I'm in love again” from I'm in love again (Single)

07:51PM Aretha Franklin “I'm in Love” from I'm in Love (Single)

07:54PM Alison Krauss & Jerry Douglas “Back in Love Again” from Back in Love Again (Single)

07:57PM The Eagles “Love will keep us alive” from Love Will Keep Us Alive (Single)

08:00PM Alice Stewart “The Train of Love” from The Train of Love (Single)

08:03PM Thee Midnighters “Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things” from Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things (Single)

08:06PM The Sharps “Love Me My Darling” from Love Me My Darling (Single)

08:09PM Rosie and The Originals “Give me love” from Give Me Love (Single)

08:12PM Ralphie Pagan “To Say I Love You” from To Say I Love You (Single)

08:15PM June and Januaries “Oh My Love” from Oh My Love (Single)

08:18PM The Nutmegs “A Love so True” from A Love So True (Single)

08:24PM The Paragons “Florence” from Florence (Single)

08:27PM The Jesters “Please Let Me Love You” from Please Let Me Love You (Single)

08:30PM The Jesters “I Laughed” from I Laughed (Single)

08:33PM The Crests “Journey of Love” from Journey Of Love (Single)

08:36PM The Younghearts “Hey, Love” from Hey, Love (Single)

08:39PM The Spanials “Here's Why I Love You” from Here's Why I Love You (Single)

08:42PM Yvonne Carroll “Gee What a Guy” from Gee What A Guy (Single)

08:45PM Rosie and The Originals “Lonely Blue Nights” from Lonely Blue Nights (Single)

08:48PM The Chantels “Maybe (Chantels)” from Maybe (Chantels) (Single)

08:51PM Rosie and The Originals “I'm so Young” from I'm So Young (Single)

08:54PM The Superbs “Baby, baby all the time” from Baby, Baby All the Time (Single)

08:57PM Gene & Eunice “This Is My Story” from This is My Story (Single)

09:00PM Charles McCullough & The Silks “my girl” from MY GIRL (Single

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