Part 2 of Cholo music I grew up with, Chuck Berry, Delbert McClinton and reading some "Coming Home from the War." play list

Tuesday night on "LA Sounds" I'll be playing part 2 of some of the cholo music I grew up with, some Chuck Berry, some Delbert McClinton and I'll read some more of my book, "Coming Home from the War" at 8:30.

East LA cholo girls

Homie girls

07:30PM Maxine Brown “All In My Mind (Original Wand Records Recording)” from All In My Mind (Original Wand Records Recording) (Single)

07:33PM The Chantels “Every Night (I Pray)” from Every Night (I Pray) (Single)

07:36PM The Five Satins “(I'll Remember) in the Still of the Nigh” from (I'll Remember) in the Still of the Nigh (Single)

07:39PM Tierra “together” from Together (Single)

07:42PM James Brown “Baby You're Right” from Baby You're Right (Single)

07:45PM James Brown “Begging Begging” from Begging Begging (Single)

07:48PM Mike Simonetti “Brother Louie” from Brother Louie (Single)

07:51PM Rosie and The Originals “This Is Dedicated to the One I Love” from This is Dedicated to the One I Love (Single)

07:54PM The Younghearts “hey love” from Hey Love (Single)

07:57PM The Chantels “Do You Remember” from Do You Remember (Single)

08:00PM Carla Thomas “You'll Lose a Good Thing” from You'll Lose a Good Thing (Single)

08:03PM Carla Thomas “darling baby” from Darling Baby (Single)

08:06PM Vato Locos “As time goes by” from As time goes by (Single)

08:09PM The Hollywood Saxons “A Long Time Ago” from A Long Time Ago (Single)

08:12PM The Ladders “Hey Pretty Baby” from Hey Pretty Baby (Single)

08:15PM Johnny Chingas “Cholo” from Cholo (Single)

08:18PM Gene & Eunice “This Is My Story” from This is My Story (Single)

08:21PM Jesse Belvin “she's gone” from She's Gone (Single)

08:24PM The Capris “There's a Moon out Tonight” from There's A Moon Out Tonight (Single)

08:27PM The Blue Jays “On Lovers Island” from On Lovers Island (Single)

08:30PM Chuck Berry “you Never Can Tell” from you Never Can Tell (Single)

08:33PM Chuck Berry “The Promised Land” from The Promised Land (Single)

08:36PM Chuck Berry “No Particular Place to Go” from No Particular Place To Go (Single)

08:39PM Chuck Berry “Johnny B Goode” from Johnny B Goode (Single, 1998) on Columbia River Entertainment

08:42PM Chuck Berry “Sweet Little 16” from Sweet Little 16 (Single)

08:45PM Chuck Berry “Roll Over Beethoven” from Roll Over Beethoven (Other, Single, Private, 1956) on Chess

08:48PM Delbert McClinton “Won't Be Me” from Won't be Me (Single)

08:51PM Delbert McClinton “Smooth Talk” from Smooth Talk (Single)

08:54PM Delbert McClinton “Same Kind of Crazy” from Same Kind of Crazy (Single)

08:57PM Delbert McClinton “new York City” from new York City (Single)

09:00PM Delbert McClinton “Money honey” from Money Honey (Single)

09:03PM Delbert McClinton “Why Me?” from Why Me? (Single)

09:06PM Bette Swann “Make You Yours” from Make You Yours (Single)

09:09PM Tiny Time and the Hits “Wedding Bells” from Wedding Bells (Single)

09:12PM Rachel and the Originals “I'll always remember” from I'll Always Remember (Single)

09:15PM El Chicano “Sabor a mi” from Sabor a mi (Single)

09:18PM James Brown “Please Please Please” from Please Please Please (Single)

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