December 11, 2017

  • 6:01am Brokedown Palace by Joan Osborne on Pretty Little Stranger (Vanguard Records)
  • 6:05am by on ( )
  • 6:09am Bertha (from Deadicated) by Los Lobos on El Cancionero: Mas Y Mas (Rhino)
  • 6:15am Wah-Wah (2001 Digital Remaster) by George Harrison on All Things Must Pass (Universal Music)
  • 6:16am Holy Moments by Kevin Yazzie on Love (Canyon Records)
  • 6:25am Our Hope for the Future by Kevin Yazzie on Love ( )
  • 6:26am Danza Festiva Nahua by Xavier Quijas Yxayotl on Fuertes Ancestros - Music of Ancient Mexico (Mystical Music Offerings)
  • 6:27am by on ( )
  • 6:31am Crying Rain (feat. Brittany Dawn) feat. Brittany Dawn by Injunuity on Spirits ( )
  • 6:36am Misty Rain by Mary Youngblood on Dance With the Wind (Silver Wave Records)
  • 6:40am by on ( )
  • 6:41am Mother Sky by David Arkenstone on Native Dreams (Green Hill (CHP))
  • 6:42am by on ( )
  • 6:44am Mother's Rain by Annie Humphrey on Edge Of America (Makoché Music)
  • 6:48am by on ( )
  • 6:49am One For The Troops by Willie K on Willie Wonderland ( )
  • 6:52am by on ( )
  • 7:03am Sleigh Ride by Warscout on Red Christmas - A Round Dance Christmas Celebration ( )
  • 7:06am Magic In The Night by Jim Boyd on First Come, Last Served ( )
  • 7:06am by on ( )
  • 7:08am Slide Whistle - Various by Sound Effects on Cartoon (KADO)
  • 7:09am by on ( )
  • 7:09am Armageddon in North Korea (feat. Missle Silo Milo & John the Bomb) by Dr. Buz on Armageddon in North Korea (feat. Missle Silo Milo & John the Bomb) feat. Missle Silo Milo,John the Bomb ( )
  • 7:09am by on ( )
  • 7:10am 12 Days of Christmas by Warscout on Red Christmas ( )
  • 7:14am by on ( )
  • 7:20am Mistletoe by Warscout on Red Christmas ( )
  • 7:27am Hanichap (Healing Peruvian Hymn) by SAVAE on Healing Flutes of the Andes (Native American Flute & Andean Panpipes for Massage, Yoga, Spas & Relaxation) (80-Minutes of Music/Talking Taco Music)
  • 7:30am by on ( )
  • 7:35am Beautiful World by Shining Woman on Keeper of the Family (Shining Woman & Otsigeya)
  • 7:38am Sweet Protector by Larry Mitchell on Out of the Ashes (Silver Wave Records)
  • 7:42am by on ( )
  • 7:46am Love Will Find A Way by Michael Franti & Spearhead on SOULROCKER (Universal Music Ireland Ltd.)
  • 7:50am Love Letters to God by Nahko and Medicine for the People on HOKA (Universal Music)
  • 7:55am It Is What It Is by John Trudell & Bad Dog on Crazier Than Hell (SOBEIT)
  • 7:59am by on ( )
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