October 18, 2017 -- Dignity Village a vignette by Respectful Revolution, Simplicity Village at the Saturday Farmers Market, Leslie Johnson with CHAT


Simplicity Village a program of CHAT - Chico Housing Action Team from their information booth at the Saturday Farmers Market. Introduced with a radio-edit for length of Respectful Revolution's vignette on Dignity Village in Portland.

Leslie Johnson, co-fonder and current board member at Chico Housing Action Team with the history of CHAT, how far they have come since the group founded near the end of 2013 and details on their three main programs: Safe Space Winter Shelter, Housing Now (formerly the master lease program) and Simplicity Village. 

Also featuring potpourri with news and updates from throughout the California and the Pacific Northwest.

00:00 -- Show Theme
01:09 -- Show rundown
02:46 -- Dignity Village a production of Respectful Revolution
05:35 -- Simplicity Village interviews at the Saturday Farmers Market
10:10 -- Leslie Johnson with Chico Housing Action Team (CHAT)

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