September 22, 2017 -- Lisa Currier CCAT, Remembering Desmond Phillips, Eye on 45 with Melissa Daugherty and a poetry jam with Cory Himp Hump, Travis Rowdy and Robert Chancey


Field interviews at Remembering Desmond Phillips, an event last Sunday commemorating the 6-month anniversary of the tragic shooting death of Desmond Phillips in an officer involved shooting, and other recent OIS incidents in Butte County including Tyler Rushing. Justice for Desmond Phillips SURJ Butte County

Melissa Daugherty, Editor at the Chico News & Review, discusses "Eye on 45" a monthly column which navigates the trials (we hope) and tribulations of Donald Trump in the oval office.

Lisa Currier, Founder and Executive Director at Crisis Care Advocacy & Triage with insights on the horror of being a woman suffering from mental illness while living on the sidewalks of Chico.

A Peace and Justice poetry extravaganza with Cory Himp HuntRobert Chancey and Travis Rowdy leading us into our closing segment with Adam Moes with the The Moes Family Band with a performance of Birdsong, a production of E-R Sessions.

00:29 -- Adam Moes with what the Chico Vibe means to him
01:22 -- Arts Devo Jason Cassidy with the Arts Lowdown
03:15 -- Show introduction
04:04 -- Lisa Currier with Crisis Care Advocacy and Triage
10:32 -- Field interviews at Remembering Desmond Phillips
21:30 -- Studio interview with David Phillips, father of Desmond Phillips
27:20 -- Melissa Daugherty with "Eye on 45"
32:34 -- Poetry Jam with Cory Himp Hump, Travis Rowdy and Robert Chancey
49:48 -- Gp. Bailey "I got caught living by the ranger"
52:44 -- Going on out until next week
53:14 -- Adam Moes and the Moes Family Band, this weeks featured artist in the E-R Sessions

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  • 6:00pm Flashing Lights by Kanye West on Hip Hop: The Collection 2008 (Universal Music Ireland Ltd.)
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