September 15, 2017 -- The "Youth and Education" Edition. Guests include author Maria Polonchek, Tami Ritter, and Sue Griffin from Ridge Coalition for Peace and Justice. Host Jesse Kearns.

  • 11:30am Righteous by Eric Johnson on Live From Austin TX (New West Records)
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  • 11:46am Three Ring Circus by Tim Flannery & The Lunatic Fringe on Three Ring Circus ( )
  • 11:47am Rise Up by Tim Flannery & The Lunatic Fringe on Three Ring Circus ( )
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  • 12:02pm Love Is My Religion by Kathy Zavada on Return To Love (Precious Music)
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  • 12:56pm The One Moment by OK Go on Hungry Ghosts (BMG Rights Management)
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