Program Committee

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The Program Committee is tasked with the selection and evaluation of KZFR programs. The Program Committee shall consist of between five and nine members, at least two of which, but not more than four, are current KZFR programmers. Members who are programmers shall be elected by the KZFR programmers, concurrent with the programmer election of the Board of Directors each June. The Board of Directors shall appoint other committee members.

Program Committee member terms are two years from each member’s election or appointment. In an effort to maintain continuity on the Program Committee half of the elected Programmer seats will come up for re-election in alternating years.

Program Committee members may serve no more than three consecutive terms. Program Committee members shall be removed from the Committee for missing more than 25% of regular meetings during each 12-month period from their initial month of election/appointment.

In the event that the number of programmers on the Program Committee exceeds one-half the total number of Program Committee members, the Board of Directors shall recruit and appoint a sufficient number of non-programmer community members to restore the proper balance to the Program Committee.

The Program Committee shall be chaired by the General Manager, who shall only vote in the event of a tie. The GM may also exercise the right to “veto” any decision made by the Program Committee if the GM feels it is appropriate to do so. In this case, the matter will automatically come before the Board of Directors for discussion at the meeting immediately subsequent to that dispute and a final vote will be called at that meeting by the BOD.


Duties of the Program Committee:

  • PC members should be familiar with KZFR programming.
  • Program Committee meetings shall be held at least once monthly.
  • A Secretary position must be appointed within/by the Program Committee at the start of each new term for the purpose of creating Program Committee Agendas and preparing Minutes.
  • The official PC Minutes are to be included in the BOD Meeting Minutes each month in additional to the verbal report provided by the Chairperson (the General Manager).

The Program Committee shall:

  • Evaluate the merits of program proposals 
  • Monitor and develop the flow of programming for consistency with the Program Matrix and the mission of KZFR
  • Establish standards for programmer proficiency and citizenship
  • Monitor programmer performance, assess whether programmers are in need of additional training, and recommend such training to staff if needed

To View the Program Committee Agendas and Minutes, click here

Current Members (current term, first term)

Grant C. Parks, Chair

Rob Jones, Secretary (1st term, February 2021)

Marci Ligammari (1st term, February 2022)

Bob Steinacher (1st term, February 2022)

David Fuhs (1st term, April 2023)

Michelle Musuto (1st term, April 2023)

Peter Ratner (1st term, June 2023)

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