Board of Directors and Committees

The foundation of KZFR's management is the volunteer support of the Board of Directors and various committees.

The Board of Directors is responsible for KZFR’s financial health and for ensuring the organization meets its community impact goals. The KZFR Board of Directors meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6pm on ZOOM. To read about KZFR's Open Meeting Policy, please click here.  

Public Comment Form: If you would like to make a comment, share a concern or question, at the next KZFR Board of Directors ZOOM meeting or if you would like to attend the ZOOM meeting, complete our Public Comment Form.

Agenda Items: If you would like to place an item on the agenda for an upcoming Board of Directors meeting, please submit content to board_at_kzfr org. Board of Directors meeting agendas will be posted on the KZFR website. To view the Board of Directors meeting agendas you may click here. To view the approved minutes you may click here

Karl Ory - President (7/21, 2nd Term) - Board Elected

Karl is a three term Chico Councilmember (1977-85 and 2016-20; mayor '83-'85). He is retired from 30 years in non-profit housing development. He enjoys canoeing, cooking, gardening, jazz, grass roots political organizing, and family gatherings with his 13 siblings.

Laura Lukes - Vice President (7/22, 1st Term) - Board Elected

Laura Lukes moved to Chico in 1987 and was thrilled to find KZFR on her radio dial a few years later. When she retired, she began exploring ways to contribute to her community. She has served on the boards of the ARC of Butte County, Butte County Master Gardeners, Ridge Quilters Guild, and, over twenty years ago, KZFR. She loves the bounty and wonder of the North State and tries to direct her energies toward building a healthy, resilient, loving society.

Michael McGinnis - Treasurer (7/22, 1st Term) - Board Elected

Michael is retired with over 45 years as a non-profit manager. He served as the Executive Director of the Arc of Butte County for 23 years. He was a two term Chico Councilmember (1988-1996, Mayor 1994-1996) and was currently elected to his second term on the Chico Area Parks and Recreation District, CARD. He is currently enjoying the birth of his first grandchild.

Jeannie Trizzino - Secretary (7/18, 2nd Term) - Board Elected

Jeannie is a long-time supporter of KZFR and has resided in Chico since escaping from Southern California in the mid-1990s. An amateur naturalist and a long-time animal rights advocate, she runs the local Chico Vegan website. There is much work to be done in this world, and we had best get on with it, preferably with KZFR playing in the background.

Mary Tribbey (7/22, 1st Term) - Board Elected

Mary Tribbey is a fervent believer in community public radio in general and KZFR in particular. In a former life, she served K-12 education as a data wrangler and implementation trainer. She currently spends her time in a small walnut orchard on a tractor or obliterating the ever-present puncture vine, reading, and caring for two extremely funny toddler grandchildren.  She has lived in the Chico area for four decades.

Paul Blackwood (7/23, 1st Term) - Board Elected

Paul moved to Chico from San Luis Obispo in August of 2018 to attend Chico State. Paul graduated from Chico State in December of 2020 with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. Professionally Paul works as a California State Licensed Employee Health & Benefits Insurance Broker, consulting with a multitude of different organizations. In addition to working in insurance Paul satisfies his never ending excitement for music and live performance as the contracted lead Production Technician at our very own El Rey Theater found in Downtown Chico.

Eric Johnson (7/23, 1st Term) - Board Elected

Eric escaped from the Bay Area to Chico in 2006. He grew up listening to community radio, where he could hear diverse opinions on important issues along with live shows from the vibrant BA music scene. After retiring from his work as an environmental consultant, Eric now spends his time managing a small farm in Durham and a house on the coast with his better half Kim and their dog Rocket. Eric regularly volunteers to work at live music events, and is a member of a technical advisory committee that advises on drought-related issues.

Julie Kennedy (10/23, 1st Term) - Board Elected

Born and raised in Chico, Julie also lived for many years in Seattle, WA, and in Healdsburg, CA. When Chico beckoned her back home, the first thing she looked for was Community Radio. KZFR did not disappoint and she became an ardent fan. She volunteers with 530 Food Rescue and with the Center for Spiritual Living. She is honored to serve on the Board of KZFR and excited to be a part of growing its impact and service to the Chico community and beyond.

Kim Weir (7/23, 1st Term) - Board Elected

Kim Weir is founder of Up the Road, a nonprofit public-interest journalism project. She researches, writes, and hosts Up the Road, a long-running public radio show about California. A lifelong Butte County resident, Kim started as a journalist in the 1970s as writer and editor for Chico State’s Wildcat. In 1990 her Moon Handbooks Northern California debuted, a surprise best-seller and the first of seven Moon travel titles. Kim earned a BA in environmental studies and analysis, and also holds an MFA in creative writing. She lives in Paradise.

Mark Gray (8/23, 1st Term) - Programmer Elected

Mark began volunteering with KZFR a few months before its debut 33 years ago. He’s been a music programmer for decades. Mark sees community radio as an invaluable resource for eclectic music and independent programming. He grew up in Nigeria and is retired.


Committees serve to develop the finer points of KZFR's sound and on-air identity. 

Program Committee

Selection and evaluation of KZFR programs will be made by a Program Committee. The Program Committee shall consist of between five and nine members, at least two of which, but not more than four, are current KZFR programmers. Members who are programmers shall be elected by the KZFR programmers, concurrent with the programmer election of the Board of Directors each June. The Board of Directors shall appoint other committee members.

The Program Committee Meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month via ZOOM. To view agendas and to learn more about the Program Committee click here

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board, or 'CAB', a body established by the KZFR Board of Directors, in compliance with Corporation for Public Broadcasting regulations (, to assist the station in being more responsive to community needs by providing for effective public participation in planning and decision-making. The CAB is solely advisory in nature, and is distinct and independent of the Board of Directors (the station's governing body). To learn more about the Community Advisory Board click here

You may download and print applications for the Program Committee and/or Community Advisory Board.

Other temporary committees are created at the discretion of the Board of Directors, which holds meetings open to the public. To learn about other committees please email the KZFR Office at [email protected]

To view KZFR's Public Documents click here