Pix from the Women's Club
8:47am, 12-10-2012
What a great show! And great pix by Alan Sheckter! Check 'em out...
8:36am, 12-10-2012
KZFR is the December pin-up
4:40pm, 12-6-2012
The Community Radio station Radio Damasco of San Pablo, San Marcos, was raided by Guatemalan police on November 15th.
2:39pm, 11-29-2012
For over 22 years, our community has managed to love, nurture and support an amazing gem ... KZFR 90.1 FM Community Radio!
10:32am, 11-12-2012
Thank you to everyone who volunteered with the Fall 2012 Pledge Drive.
4:49pm, 11-2-2012
Tell us what you want to hear. That's right! We listen to YOU.
11:13am, 10-26-2012
KZFR will be hosting the bar. Cheers!
6:00pm, 10-13-2012
Check out the KZFR insert inside this week's edition of the Chico News and Review
3:58pm, 10-11-2012
Buy your tickets at the door!
2:52pm, 10-11-2012
You could win this cool Felt bike that was custom made for the New Belgian Brewery.
8:58pm, 9-24-2012
We had a wonderful time at the TOUCH!
9:18am, 9-24-2012
Dozens of bodyworkers from various healing modalities gather to offer their special touches.
6:00pm, 9-4-2012
Local photographer Alan Sheckter got some amazing shots at the Jackie Greene benefit concert!
12:37pm, 8-21-2012