You Keep Community Radio Strong

Your Pledges, Contributions & Volunteer Time Matter!

Community radio exists only so long as the people who choose to listen also choose to support it. That's how KZFR remains independent. We truly are People Powered Radio! Your pledges on the phone, your in-kind contributions and volunteer time have kept KZFR strong for over 26 years.

Many Thanks to All of You

Big THANK YOU to all the volunteers! It takes over 100+ volunteers to staff our phones during a 10 day pledge drive. There is no way we could have a successful drive without the help of dedicated individuals and the local non-profits who generously give their time from 6:30am until Midnight each day. Thank you all!

We appreciate the local businesses you feed our volunteers during our Fall 2016 Pledge Drive. Thank you to Has Beans for the pastries, Pita Pit for the great lunches, Chico Chai for tasty tea, Sweet Cottage for the amazing pies and quiche, Chico Natural Foods Co-Op and the Mangrove Safeway for the snacks!

Special Thank you to all the local businesses, musicians and festivals how gave items for us to use as Pledge Gifts during the drive! Thank you to Wookey Ranch, the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room, The Rendezvous, Emerald Cup Festival, Bridge School Concert, Senator Theatre & Honey Run Winery plus Larry Peterson, John Seid, Lisa Valentine, Dave Elke, Bogg, Mood Swing, Eric Peter all for offer private House Concerts and so many more!

Last but not least, much gratitude to Printed Image for doing our new hoodies & caps!

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Thurs, Nov 8th @ Chico Women's Club
Sunday, Oct 28th @ ARC Pavilion
Thank you for voting KZFR Best In Chico 2018! We are honored. You value our eclectic variety of music and news programs. This is the station you trust to play the music and cover the topics you want to hear. Together we are People Powered community radio!