Patrick Ranch Museum Plein Air Program

We would like to invite all artists and photographers of all levels of training who are 18 years or older to the...

Patrick Ranch Museum Plein Air Program: The Way of Water in Agriculture.

Water is such an important element in our farming life cycle.  We have plans to visit and create paintings, drawings and photographs of many beautiful and interesting places this year. The rice fields are flooded, creeks and lakes may be low but still have some water. the first outing will be held on Saturday June 21 and we will return on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28. 

The first place we will be going has water canals, rice fields, ponds, lilies in bloom, wildlife, and much more. There are several other places we have in our painting/photo site as well. Patrick Ranch will host at the least one creative outing per month. An art exhibit will show case samples of the artists' creative renderings of places visited through this program.

As the weather is very hot this summer we will start our day early. This will be good for capturing the glow that only morning light can bring. We will also try to catch a sunset.  Wouldn't it be fun to slowly float down the river for the afternoon and dock the boat or waft or maybe house boat just before the sun sets? I am just thinking out loud, but it could be a possibility. That would really be plein air painting.

This is an open enrollment so, you may join at anytime thought out the year but you may want to join early to be able to join all of the sites. The cost is $35.00 per year. You will receive an artists pass, directions and dates to outing upon receipt of your payment.

Please RSVP or, please, see the attached registration form below to fill out and send with a check for $35 made out to: Patrick Ranch Museum. In the memo on your check please write Plein Air Program. Please mail to Amber Palmer 1430 Esplanade Suite 15 Chico CA 95926

Patrick Ranch Museum
10381 Midway, Durham, CA 95938
(530) 342-4359

Questions? Please, contact Amber at

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