Road To The Green New Deal Tour

On Sat, April 27th at the El Rey Theater (Downtown Chico, CA) Mikala Butson, Ali Meders-Knight, Audrey Denney and the youth-led climate justice Sunrise Movement will come together to launch a national tour promoting the Green New Deal. 

Join us at the El Rey Theater for the Chico, CA stop of the Road to a Green New Deal! 

At this Tour Stop, we'll explore what the pain of the climate crisis and the Camp Fire looks like here in our community, and what the promise of the Green New Deal means for us. We'll hear from community leaders Ali Meders-Knight and Audrey Denney, enjoy powerful multimedia presentations from Sunrise Movement and Climate Uprising, let loose to music by Smokey The Groove, and more! This is where we'll set the roadmap to 2021 and beyond, discovering what the GND means for each of us in Butte County -- and what action we will take to make it a reality!

RSVP + tickets:

All Ages to Attend
Doors open at 6:30PM
Event Start Time at 7PM

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