Board Of Director's Meeting Agenda - September 11, 2018

Golden Valley Community Broadcasters, Inc.

KZFR Community Radio Board of Directors

September 11, 2018


Board Meeting Date: September 11, 2018   

Location: Room 416

Commencement Time: 6:00 pm

1. Meeting Opening (15minutes)

1.1 Call to Order

1.2 Amend/Approve Agenda

1.3 Previous Minutes


2. Announcements/Reports (70 minutes)

2.1   Announcements

2.2   Staff Reports

         2.2.1 GM Report Rick (15 minutes)

         2.2.2 Office Manager Report - Grant (10 minutes)

         2.2.3 Underwriting Report - Ray (5)

2.3   Treasurer’s Report – Jim (10 minutes)

2.4   Committee Reports (30 minutes)

         2.5.1 Programming Committee

                    Programmer election facilitated by Grant

         2.5.2 Community Advisory Board

         2.5.3 Fundraising Committee

3. Matters for Discussion (20 Minutes)

3.1  Fall Pledge Drive

3.2  AmazonSmile

4. Action Items (10 minutes)

4.1  Vote on Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

4.2   Vote on connection with AmazonSmile

5. Meeting Finalization (5 minutes)

5.1 Review actions to be taken

5.2 Items for October Agenda

5.3 Meeting close

6.      Closed Session (if necessary)

11:57pm, 10-16-2018
It’s important to share Board of Director's Meeting Agenda with board members so they can get all update of Golden Valley Community Broadcasters.

3:35am, 11-1-2018
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