August 14, 2018 Board of Director's Meeting Agenda

Golden Valley Community Broadcasters

KZFR Community Radio Board of Directors

Board Meeting Date:              August 14, 2018   

Location:                                 KZFR Studios Room 416

Commencement Time:            6:00 pm


1.       Meeting Opening

1.1  Call to Order

1.2  Amend/Approve Agenda

1.3  Amend/Approve Previous Minutes


2.       Announcements/Reports

2.1   Announcements

2.2   Staff Reports

          2.2.1   GM Report - Rick

          2.2.2   Office Manager Report - Grant

          2.2.3   Underwriting Report - Ray

2.3   Treasurer’s Report – Jim

2.4   Strategic Plan Committee Reports – Fundraising

2.5   Committee Reports (as needed)

          2.5.1   Programming Committee

          2.5.2   Community Advisory Board


3.       Matters for Discussion

3.1 State of the Station – Rick

3.1 Engaging Programmers to attend All-Station meetings

3.2 Program Council

4.       Action Items

4.1 Fund-Raising Committee Recommendations


5.       Meeting Finalization

5.1  Review actions to be taken

5.2  Items for September Agenda

5.3  Meeting close


6.      Closed Session (if necessary)


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