Become a KZFR Programmer

Our first New Programmer Orientation of 2017 is Monday, January 9th at 6pm in downtown Chico, CA.

As an educational organization, KZFR offers a comprehensive training in the historical, legal, and technical aspects of non-commercial radio broadcasting. At the successful completion of this Training, one may substitute host existing programs, or submit a new Program Proposal.

Please, contact the office at (530) 895.0706 to reserve a seat, or for general information. Thank you.

More info can be found here ...

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10:18pm, 10-1-2018
This New Programmer Orientation are very helpful for those students who wants to be a KZFR programmer as KZFR offers a complete training in the historic, permissible, and practical characteristics of non-commercial radio broadcasting.

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