Reggae On The River 2016 - August 4th - 7th

32nd annual Reggae On The River Returns August 4-7!  Coming soon!!!

On the weekend of August 4-7, the non-profit Mateel Community Center will present the 32nd edition of one of the world’s iconic festival experiences, Reggae On The River.  Set on the banks of the majestic Eel River and delivering the best in reggae and world music to the hills of Humboldt County, CA since 1984, the 2016 event will offer the next chapter in the ROTR legacy with global luminaries…

Sizzla Kalonji & The Fire House Band, KRANIUM, Anthony B, Protoje & The Indiggnation Band, A Soul Syndicate Reunion featuring Mad Professor with Big Youth, Randy Valentine, Marty Dread & Earl Zero; Mbongwana Star, King Yellowman, Million Stylez, Fatoumata Diawara, Jesse Royal, Sister Carol, Ziggi Recado, Jah9 & The Dub Treatment, House Of Shem, Gappy Ranks, No Maddz, Democratoz, Keznamdi, Mr. Williamz, Locos Por Juana, New Kingston, Addis Pablo, Jah Sun, Lion D, DubTonic Kru, Newen Afrobeat, The I-Deals, Meleku, Bayonics, The Dubba Dubs, and 7th Generation Rise- with more TBA- including DJs, soundsystems, and guest artists, plus the acoustic sounds of Jamaica’s The Overtakers to nice things up in the campground!

Check the official program guide here:

The event will also showcase more than 60 vending/ non-profit booths, a lively KidLandia, and the camping, community, and irie vibes that made Reggae On The River famous.

3 and 4-day tickets are available at or go big with the Ambassador Pass to enjoy unprecedented perks and access for the ultimate festival experience!  And while you’re at it, make plans to really do things in style with an RV.  RV registration is open now and spaces are very limited, so don’t delay in making these arrangements. 

Visit the festival website for the full story and start planning your Reggae On The River pilgrimage today.  It’s happening August 4-7 at French’s Camp, in Garberville, CA- heart of the Emerald Triangle- and your destination for a higher vibration!

5:47am, 3-28-2018
Reggae is where we welcome individuals to encounter our way of life. We as a whole social affair from all finished to frame this group, where different clans can come and appreciate who and what we are. We need individuals to encounter group as we probably am aware it, where individuals learn to participate, to be great neighbors, truly how to live alongside each other in a kind and loving spirit.
12:38am, 4-23-2018
Reggae on the river is famous as international as one of the major event of its sorts and is frequently a must do for those persons that travel across the U.S. to enjoy it yearly.
1:25am, 5-4-2018
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11:07am, 5-10-2018
The festival featured an international line-up ranging from Dub Reggae legends Soul Syndicate to Roots Dancehall legends Sizzla Kalonji, Anthony B and Sister Carol, from Malian Blues Princess Fatoumata Diawara to Algerian Reggae-fusioned The Democratoz. Dancehall Legend Yellowman performed with his daughter K’reema. There was a plethora of promising newcomers: Protoje, Jah9, Jesse Royal, No-Maddz, New Kingston, Melekul (Sizzla’s son), Keznamdi etc…But the Festival was most certainly marked by the return of Sizzla Kalonji after an eight-year absence from the US , due to visa issues. Sizzla delivered a great performance punctuated with classic 90s and early 2000s hits, much to the delight of the crowd that sang along. Sizzla professed his gratitude to the Mateel Community organization throughout the show and post press conference, since they were solely responsible for the reactivation of his visa. And who’s better at closing than the highly-energetic/human rights activist Anthony B who literally rocked the crowd. The 32nd annual Reggae on the river was a success in reference to its organization, the live performances and attendance.
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11:08am, 5-10-2018
Reggae on The River has improved much to my pleasant surprise, proving the adage; given that it is the longest running Reggae festival in US history in its 32nd year. This, per current staff, is due to the new influx of younger generations taking on organizational tasks. Unpaved roads and other areas were seemingly ready to receive thousands of campers and their vehicles, as early as Thursday morning. The “beach” area, upstream of the river, was turned into a gigantic sound system/after-party venue, which in turn contributed to its cleanliness instead of being polluted and swamped by campers. Eclectic art craft and food vendors were present as usual.

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11:09am, 5-10-2018
Reggae On The River, a Northern California tradition, germinated in 1984 as a way for the local community to fund the rebuild of their beloved Mateel Community Center, which had been burned to the ground by a terrorist neighbor. What a great idea, to start a music festival, a reggae and world music festival, spreading love and peace and community service, a festival simply referred to locally as “Reggae”. Now those pioneers are joined at the venue with their grown children and handfuls of grandchildren, still loving the vibes. And the reggae still flows sweetly through the concert bowl, drifting through vendors booths, and wafting down to the campers on the riverbank.
11:10am, 5-10-2018
For the 32nd time, from August 4-7, 2016, the Reggae families gathered and celebrated. These same strong family ties were evident on stage too. Local artist gone worldwide, Jah Sun, not only had his son sit in on drums with him for the first time, but he also proposed to his girlfriend onstage with the help of the audience. Sister Carol, “Mother Culture”, proudly shared the stage with her daughter, Nakeeba Amaniyea, another strong voice and bright spirit that we will certainly hear much more from. Yellowman, inspirational, and amazingly fit, was joined by his lovely and talented daughter K’reema. Very positive as always, it was great to see them working together. Big Youth was in fine form, blending his sound with humor and fluid body moves, and joined briefly by his son Tafari, who’s getting a lot of airplay with his song “All She Wants Is Love”. New Kingston, self-described “Urban Conscious Reggae family”, blended musical culture, representing both Jamaica and New York City with brothers Tahir, Courtney Jr., Stephen, and father Courtney Sr. And then there was Sizzla. Clearly a crowd favorite, this was his first performance in America in 8 years. He was accompanied offstage by his son Meleku who also performed his own set.

2:10am, 5-11-2018
I arrived on thursday so i could drag my equipment down to the stage, not much fun over the 3/4 mile path from richardson state park where i was camping. There were a couple acts i wanted to see also, Hirie and Mr. Williamz, but Mr. W did not show. Pablo Moses came on last and from what i heard put on a great show, but it was midnight and i was beat. Hirie, however, put on a great show also, which i videotaped. It was nice to see her since i missed her at snwmf. She seemed to be having a great time and said she would be around all weekend. She came out for a song or two with at least three acts during the weekend that i saw. I heard that the fest had a ton of immigration issues, and there were several no shows, more than usual, including the act i had most wanted to see, Protoje and the Indiggnation. It was in the upper 90's weather wise on thursday, and everyone said it was mid 100's the day before. It cooled off a bit the rest of the weekend, but i spent much of it pouring water over my shirt, and down my throat. There were several hydration stations with free water so there was no excuse for dehydration. Crowd was small on thursday, bigger on friday, big crowd on saturday, and smaller for the most part sunday.
2:11am, 5-11-2018
I had promised the Empress Unification ladies that i would record them on sunday, so i showed up bright eyed and, well, i was there. They were all really good, and the band, the Fyah Squad, was smoking hot. I listened to Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba under the shade tent, eating, puffing, yacking, and then reading my book while listening. I nodded off while reading, and the youngsters i had been yacking with thought it was hilarious, like my sci fi book was the bible and i was deep in prayer. The music was soothing. Then i saw Exco Levi, he was okay, the band was great, Ikronik with others also. Then it was Fenton and the Reggae Angels, almost the same band, Ikronik and the usuals. Not as painful as you might think. I was waiting for the Congos, and they used the same backing. I thought it was going to be great, but it was like listening to three backup singers with no lead. I recorded it, but the last half is just on the gopro cameras. Again i got food and went back on the hill. Lets just say that Nahko and Medicine are not for all people. So i dragged my cart back up the hill with my equipment and that was it for me.
2:12am, 5-11-2018
I had a friend who told me he had a free ticket for me if I could make the 3.5 hr drive down. I may have come down for a day and taken him up on the offer if the fires weren't raging so tuff right now... My biggest reason for skipping reggae this year is my personal distaste for Nahko at a REGGAE festival.. I listened to the Congos set in full, and allowed myself to listen to the first song of Medicine for the People. They sounded awkward and out of place. Nahko's voice sounded especially frog throated and irritating this set.. I turned the radio off during his first tune and knew I had made the correct decision to skip the drive and the stress to witness this moment in person. Also, the Congos really sounded lacking without Cedric..
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