One Nation Under The Gun

Long term KZFR programmers, Sue Hilderbrand & Dan Carter have teamed up with other social activists to create a documentary film... ONE NATION UNDER THE GUN ... that recognizes the issue of guns and gun violence in America is more nuanced than what the the national media would suggest.


Currently, Americans seem hopelessly divided about the role of guns in society, with the public dialogue focusing on increasingly polarized positions. In reality, we have complex, and often contradictory, relationships with the gun. From soldiers who protect the nation and hunters who carry on a long tradition, to the casualties of inner-city violence and the anonymous victims of suicide, our attitudes about guns are as diverse as our people. 

Kickstarter Campaign
To broaden the conversation, it is necessary to expose the myths and misconceptions that limit dialogue. This thought provoking documentary will not tell you what to think, but will offer new ways to think about the issue. Please, help Sue & Dan to re-start this critical national conversation by contributing to their campaign today. Your financial support today will ensure timely completion of the film and expansion of the debate.
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