Board of Directors Meeting Tuesday April 12th 6:00 pm in Room 416

Golden Valley Community Broadcasters, Inc.

KZFR Community Radio Board of Directors

April 12, 2016 at 6:00 PM in Room 416

Board Meeting Agenda

  1. Meeting Opens

    1. Call to Order

    2. Amend/Approve Minutes

    3. Previous Minutes 

2. Announcements and Reports

2.1 Announcements

2.2 Staff Reports

                2.2.1 GM Report

                2.2.2 Office Manager Report

                2.2.3 Underwriting Report

2.3 Committee Reports

                2.3.1 Programming Committee

                2.3.2 Community Advisory Committee

2.4 Strategic Plan Committee Reports – all committees

3.   Matters for Discussion

3.1 Presentation of Preliminary Budget

3.2 Quarterly Budget Review

3.3 Proposed budget for News Director position.

3.4 GM request regarding benefit

3.5 Retreat Location and Date

3.6 Update regarding BOD recruitment

4. Action Items

                4.1 Decision on what to do with annual 2% savings.

                4.2 Decision on the future use of North Valley Community Bank account.

5. Meeting Finalization

                5.1 Review actions to be taken

                5.2 Items for May Agenda

                5.3 Meeting Closed

                5.3 Meeting Closed

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Our loyal listeners, hard working volunteers and programmers plus our underwriters, dedicated staff and board for keeping KZFR broadcasting strong for over 27 years!
We could not staff a successful pledge drive without the help of the local non-profits who volunteer. You play a vital role in keeping KZFR strong and we appreciate you.
10:48am, 11-21-2017
We are honored. Thank you for voting for community radio!
The "quintessential California musician" at the Chico Women's Club
Moms Across America announces a nationwide campaign to ban glyphosate herbicides in all fifty of the United States.
11:34am, 11-16-2017