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Love Chapmantown Community Coalition

Location: Subud Hall
    • 6:00pm9:00pm Friday, January 25, 2013

    The next Love Chapmantown Community Coalition meeting will be held on January 25th at 6pm at Subud Hall located at 574 E. 12th Street in Chico. 

    Vision of the Love Chapmantown Community Coalition: The power of a community is in its people, more specifically, the number of people. With numbers comes strength. Love Chapmantown Community Coalition believes that strength is meant for service and not status. We believe that giving to others is a priority not an afterthought. Together, using the power of community, we believe we can truly make a difference.

    Mission of the Love Chapmantown Community Coalition: To impact our community for the betterment of all. To offer our gifts, talents, time, and our resources to the vision of transforming our community. To plant seeds of hope and love into the soil of a community that we love. To find solutions to the issues and concerns of the residents of our community that will improve their lives. To ensure political, educational, social, and economic rights of all residents, and eliminate barriers of inequality.

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