Gypsy Jazz with Jimmy Grant

George Cole Quintet “Roma Danse” from Riverside Drive (2010)

Woody Allen “Here Me Talkin' To You” from Wild Man Blues (1996)

Amina Figarova “Come Escape With Me” from Come Escape With Me (2005)

Amina Figarova “Hot On the Trail” from Come Escape With Me (2005)

Jimmy Grant “The Anniversary Song” from Jimmy Grant (2011)

Jimmy Grant “Valle de Wasso” from Jimmy Grant (2011)

Jacky Terrason “Morning” from Push (2010)

Gigi Gryce “Minority” from Giggi Gryce and Jazz Lab Quintet (1957)

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra “Charpoy” from And His Mother Called Him Bill (1967)

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra “Boo-Dah” from And His Mother Called Him Bill (1967)

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra “My Little Brown Book” from And His Mother Called Him Bill (1967)

Miles Davis “Freddie Freeloader” from Kind of Blue (1959)

Jimmy Grant “Blues In Mineur” from Jimmy Grant (2011)

Jimmy Grant “Ou es tu Mon Amour” from Jimmy Grant (2011)

Hadley Caliman “Joe Joe Dancer Bossa Nova” from Gratitude (2008)

Dejohnette, Hancock, Holland and Metheny “Cantaloupe Island” from In Concert (1990)

Charlie Parker & Miles Davis “A Night In Tunisia” from Birdsong (1947)

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