Playlist - Live and Local 1st Monday Jazz

Jim Holman, Richie Cole & Frank Catalano “Cantaloupe Island” from Explosion! (2012)

Patricia Barber “You & The Night & The Music” from Modern Cool (1998)

Patricia Barber “Postmodern Blues” from Modern Cool (1998)

Jim Schmidt, Greg D'Augelli, Charlie Robinson, Jonathan Stoyanoff & Lew Langworthy“Blue Bossa” from Live at 1st Monday Jazz (2012)

Rene Marie “Them There Eyes” from Vertigo (2001)

Rene Marie “The South Is Mine” from Serene Renegade (2004)

Rene Marie “Dixie / Strange Fruit” from Vertigo (2001)

Sam Jones “Bolivia” from Something In Common (1977)

Joni Mitchell “Furry Sings the Blues/Hejira” from 1987 Jam

John Mahoney “Wave” from Live at 1st Monday Jazz (2012)

Arturo Sandoval “Be Bop” from Dear Diz (Every Day I Think f You) (2012)

Houston Person “Don't Go To Strangers” from Personality (1993)

Russell Malone & Romero Lubambo “Beautiful Love” from Live in Paris (2010)

Lisa Valentine “Black Orpheus” from Live at 1st Monday Jazz (2012)

Hubert Laws “Syrinx” from Rite of Spring (1971)

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