Charles Withun, Chris Tomlinson, Veteran's Garden Project

First half hour: Charles Withun, a retired businessowner turned activist, inspires as discusses his work on The Peace Panel Project and as part of Chico Tree Advocates.  

Second half hour: Chris Tomlinson is a journalist, author, filmmaker.  He talks about his book Tomlinson Hill, which is at #23 on the NY Times Bestseller list in its first week out.   It is the story of two families who share the Tomlinson name, one white and one black.   Chris Tomlinson is exceptionally candid and profound as he details the effects of slavery on our society and on himself personally, as the descendant of slaveowners. 

Third half hour: Michael Cannon and Michelle Angela discuss The Veterans Garden Project, which seeks to empower local U.S. Veterans to obtain fresh and healthy food for them and their families and to integrate them into the community through the food and flower growing experience. 

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