John Lennon and The Beatles/playlist

John Lennon and the Beatles
It was fifty years ago this week that the Beatles music hit the air waves like a hurricane and it changed everything from music to social values to politics and their music and what they had to say is still relevant today. On Tuesday, Oct 9th from 7:30-10:00 PM on KZFR, I'll be playing all the best Beatles music to celebrate the life of John Lennon as his birthday is Oct 9, 1940 which would make him 72 now had some idiot not shot him to death.

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 10/09/2012 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM Beatles “Golden Slumbers and Carry That Weight” from Golden Slumbers and Carry That Weight (Single)

07:33PM Beatles “Medly: Rip it Up/Rock & Roll Music/Blue Suede Shoes” from Medly: Rip it Up/Rock & Roll Music/Blue Suede Shoes (Single)

07:36PM Beatles “Crying Waiting Hoping” from Crying Waiting Hoping (Single)

07:39PM Beatles “across the universe” from across the universe (Single)

07:42PM Beatles “Sure to Fall” from Sure to Fall (Single)

07:45PM Beatles “Three Cool Cats” from Three Cool Cats (Single)

07:48PM Beatles “I Want to Hold Your Hand (German)” from I Want to Hold Your Hand (German) (Single)

07:51PM Beatles “She Loves You (German)” from She Loves You (German) (Single)

07:54PM Beatles “Bad Boy” from Bad Boy (Single)

07:57PM Beatles “Mailman Bring Me No More Blues” from Mailman Bring Me no More Blues (Single)

08:00PM Beatles “You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)” from You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) (Single)

08:03PM Beatles “Yes it is” from Yes it is (Single)

08:06PM Beatles “Not Guilty” from Not Guilty (Single)

08:09PM Beatles “Baby's in Black” from Baby's In Black (Single)

08:12PM Beatles “Love Me Do” from Love Me Do (Single)

08:15PM Beatles “And Your Bird Can Sing” from And Your Bird Can Sing (Single)

08:18PM Beatles “Another Girl” from Another Girl (Single)

08:21PM Beatles “Slow Down” from SLow Down (Single)

08:24PM Beatles “You Like Me Too Much” from You Like Me Too Much (Single)

08:27PM Beatles “Ticke to Ride” from Ticke to Ride (Single)

08:30PM Beatles “The Night Before” from The Night Before (Single)

08:33PM Beatles “Dig It” from Dig It (Single)

08:36PM Beatles “Revolution” from Revolution (Single)

08:39PM Beatles “Things We Said Today” from Things We Said Today (Single)

08:42PM Beatles “When I Get Home” from When I Get Home (Single)

08:45PM Beatles “You Can't Do That” from You Can't Do That (Single)

08:48PM Beatles “You're Gonna Lose That Girl” from You're Gonna Lose That Girl (Single)

08:51PM Beatles “Everybody Has Something to Hide” from Everybody Has Something to Hide (Single)

08:54PM Beatles “Girl” from Girl (Single)

08:57PM Beatles “It's Only Love” from It's Only Love (Single)

09:00PM Beatles “Tell Me What You See” from Tell Me What You See (Single)

09:03PM Beatles “And I Love Her” from And I Love Her (Single)

09:06PM Beatles “I Want to Tell You” from I Want to Tell You (Single)

09:09PM Beatles “Two of Us” from Two of Us (Single)

09:12PM Beatles “Your Mother Should Know” from Your Mother Should Know (Single)

09:15PM Beatles “Sexy Sadie” from Sexy Sadie (Single)

09:18PM Beatles “Oh Bla De Oh Bla Da” from Oh Bla De Oh Bla Da (Single)

09:21PM Beatles “I've Just Seen a Face” from I've Just Seen a Face (Single)

09:24PM Beatles “If I Fell” from If I Fell (Single)

09:27PM Beatles “Eight Days a Week” from Eight Days a Week (Single)

09:30PM John Lennon “Oh My Love” from Oh My Love (Single)

09:33PM Beatles “I Need You” from I Need You (Single)

09:36PM Beatles “I Will” from I Will (Single)

09:39PM Beatles “I'm so Tired” from I'm so Tired (Single)

09:42PM John Lennon “Isolation” from Isolation (Single)

09:45PM John Lennon “Imagine” from Imagine (CD, Single, 1971) on capitol

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