May 7, 2022

  • 7:02am The Second Line by Beau Jocque and the Zydeco Hi-Rollers on Zydeco Giant ( )
  • 7:03am The 2nd Line / The Back Door by Beau Jocque, The Zydeco Hi-Rollers on Super Mardi Gras (Mardi Gras Records)
  • 7:05am Hey Rosa by Andre Thierry & Zydeco Magic on A Whole Lotta Something (ORCHARD - A Magic Records)
  • 7:10am Let's Go to Lafayette by Lee Benoit on Louisiana Cajun Style (Bradley Records)
  • 7:14am Comin' In by Beau Jocque And The Zydeco Hi-Rollers on Pick Up On This! (Universal Music)
  • 7:18am by on ( )
  • 7:22am Watch My Bootz by Chris Ardoin on Back Home (ORCHARD - Maison de Soul Records)
  • 7:25am Back Porch by Chubby Carrier on Zydeco Stuff (Swampadellic Records)
  • 7:28am Big Texas by The Cajun Playboys on Pure Cajun (Mardi Gras Records)
  • 7:32am by on ( )
  • 7:35am Sugarfoot Rag by Coteau on Highly Seasoned Cajun Music (UMG - Rounder)
  • 7:41am by on ( )
  • 7:46am Ma Mama Ma Dit (My Mama Told Me) by Clifton Chenier on Ma Mama Ma Dit (My Mama Told Me) (WMG - Arhoolie Records)
  • 7:49am by on ( )
  • 7:51am Zydeco Man by Donna Angelle on Down the Bayou (ORCHARD - Maison de Soul Records)
  • 7:55am Pine Grove Blues by Donald Thibodeaux on Pine Grove Blues (WMG - ADA Global)
  • 8:00am Black Snake Is in My Room by Roy Carrier on Offshore Blues & Zydeco (ORCHARD - Right on Rhythm)
  • 8:04am by on ( )
  • 8:06am I Wanna Hold Your Cans (Weird Josh Yankad*Ck) by Smokestack Crew on Dongthology, Vol. 3. (Intercourse Records)
  • 8:06am by on ( )
  • 8:07am Watch That Dog by Fernest Arceneaux on Old School Zydeco (Mardi Gras Records)
  • 8:14am Whole Lotta Woman by Jamie Bergeron & The Kickin' Cajuns on Your New CD! (ORCHARD - KC Entertainment)
  • 8:18am I Love Louisiana by Rosie Ledet on Pick It Up (ORCHARD - Maison de Soul Records)
  • 8:22am by on ( )
  • 8:27am Bounce With It! by the Zydeco Big Timers on Zydeco Ballin' (Mardi Gras Records)
  • 8:30am Hippy Ti Yo by Fernest Arceneaux on Old School Zydeco (Mardi Gras Records)
  • 8:34am Willie On The Washboard by Queen Ida & Her Zydeco Band on Caught In The Act (GNP Crescendo)
  • 8:38am by on ( )
  • 8:42am Zydeco Push by Zydeco Force on The Zydeco Push (ORCHARD - Maison de Soul Records)
  • 8:48am Big Dog, Lil' Dog by Zydeco Force on The Zydeco Push (ORCHARD - Maison de Soul Records)
  • 8:52am Don't Have to Worry by Rosie Ledet on I'm a Woman (ORCHARD - Maison de Soul Records)
  • 8:57am by on ( )
  • 8:57am You Don't Miss Your Water by The Creole Zydeco Farmers on On the Road (ORCHARD - Maison de Soul Records)
  • 8:59am by on ( )
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