May 6, 2022 Diane Suzuki; John Lindsay-Poland; Don Kimball

11:30 Diane Suzuki regarding Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Discussion also on the Butte County APAPA (AAPI American Public Affairs Association) chapter founded April 2022 in Oroville as well as the Chico Asian Support Circle. Issues of heritage, race, ethnicity, hate crimes, stereotyping and Civil Liberties discussed. The book It Tastes Like War by Grace Cho recommended. 

12 John Lindsay-Poland California Healing Justice Program of the Ca. America Friends Service Committee, of which militarized policing is a part. See the Tool Kit and background info on AB 481 at and to learn more about US arms to Mexico 

12:30 Don Kimball- Friendly Fire, A Veterans Voice

Facebook- Occupy Beale AFB, Chico Peace Endeavor Vigil 

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  • 12:29pm Bomb The World by Michael Franti & Spearhead on Everyone Deserves Music (UMG - Fantasy Records)
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