Shelly and his main men Mike & Chick


 Kenny Drew Trio “Blues For Nica” from Kenny Drew Trio (1956)

Shelly Manne and His Men “Cabu” from Shelly Manne and His Men At the Black Hawk(1959)

Attila Zoller “Wild Wild Wes” from Gypsy Cry (1969)

Attila Zoller “Meet In Berlin” from Gypsy Cry (1969)

Michael Newman,Ted Carrasco, Andy Daniels & Bastien Terraz “Spartacus” fromSo'ton

Chick Corea and John McLaughlin “The Disguise” from Five Peace Band Live (2009)

The Jaki Byard Quartet “Diophy #1” from The Last From Lennies (1965)

Shelly Manne and His Men “Brief And Breezy” from Shelly Manne and His Men Play Peter Gunn (1959)

Shelly Manne and His Men “Fallout” from Shelly Manne and His Men Play Peter Gunn(1959)

Chick Corea and Gary Burton “Crystal Silence” from Rendezvous in New York (2003)

Chick Corea “City of Brass” from The Ultimate Adventure (2006)

Michael Newman, Ted Carrasco, Andy Daniels & Bastien Terraz “Frosted” fromSo'ton

Shelly Manne and His Men “Step Lightly” from Shelly Manne and His Men At the Black Hawk (1959)

John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension “Lost And Found” from To The One (2010)

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