April 28, 2020

  • 3:01pm The Swag by Link Wray on Ultimate Beach Party Playlist: The All Time Greatest Hits from Surf Music and Surf Rock Legends (Celebration Sounds)
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  • 3:03pm Ramble by Link Wray on Link Wray At His Best (Vintage Pleasure)
  • 3:06pm We Don't Mind The Rave by The Flys on We Don't Mind The Rave (WMG - PLG UK Catalog)
  • 3:08pm by on ( )
  • 3:09pm I Must Be in Love (2006 Remaster) by The Rutles on I Must Be in Love (2006 Remaster) (WMG - Rhino (Pure))
  • 3:11pm Me And My Buddies by The Flys on Me And My Buddies (WMG - PLG UK Catalog)
  • 3:14pm This Must Be The Place by Iron & Wine on This Must Be The Place (Black Cricket / Brown Records)
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  • 3:19pm Fun City (Single Version) by The Flys on Fun City (Single Version) (WMG - PLG UK Catalog)
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  • 3:23pm Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears by Steven Bradley on Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears (Porterhouse Records)
  • 3:26pm Waikiki Beach Refugees (Single Version) by The Flys on Waikiki Beach Refugees (Single Version) (WMG - PLG UK Catalog)
  • 3:30pm Whammer Jammer by The J. Geils Band on Whammer Jammer (WMG - Atlantic Records)
  • 3:33pm by on ( )
  • 3:33pm Come And Get Your Love by Redbone on Come And Get Your Love (Purple Pyramid)
  • 3:34pm Around And Around by The Animals on The Best Of The Animals (ABKCO)
  • 3:36pm Suffocating by Monophonics on It's Only Us (Colemine Records)
  • 3:41pm I Must Be in Love (2006 Remaster) by The Rutles on I Must Be in Love (2006 Remaster) (WMG - Rhino (Pure))
  • 3:43pm Still Second Rate by The Lovely Eggs on I Am Moron (The Lovely Eggs)
  • 3:46pm Billy Is a Runaway by Iggy Pop on New Values (Buddha Records)
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  • 3:50pm Dragonball Durag by Thundercat on Dragonball Durag (Brainfeeder)
  • 3:53pm Gotta Have My Baby Back by Kelly Hogan on Too Late to Pray: Defiant Chicago Roots (Bloodshot Records)
  • 3:56pm Cry, Cry, Cry by Roxy Music on Manifesto (Virgin)
  • 3:59pm by on ( )
  • 3:59pm C'mon and Dance with Me by Astronaut Ice Cream on Feel Every Emotion (Sizeable Diamonds)
  • 4:04pm Trash by Roxy Music on The Thrill Of It All: Roxy Music (1972-1982) (EG Records)
  • 4:06pm I Must Have That Man (6/6/56) by Billie Holiday on Complete Jazz Series 1956 (Play Digital)
  • 4:09pm Both Ends Burning by Roxy Music on The Best Of Roxy Music (EG Records)
  • 4:14pm by on ( )
  • 4:15pm I Found Love by Bette Smith on Jetlagger (Big Legal Mess Records)
  • 4:19pm The Airport Song (Album Version) by The Byrds on There Is A Season (Columbia/Legacy)
  • 4:21pm Rear Moth by Psapp on Tiger, My Friend (Wow)
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  • 4:24pm Goldfish by Chris Difford on Cashmere If You Can (SATURDAY MORNING MUSIC CLUB)
  • 4:28pm Answer In One of These Bottles by Caitlin Rose on Dead Flowers (Names Records)
  • 4:31pm Copper Halls by Blue Dot Sessions on Demalion (Blue Dot Studios)
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  • 4:32pm All In It Together by Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy on All In It Together (Single) (Anti/Epitaph)
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  • 4:36pm Freedom of Choice (Remastered) by Devo on Freedom of Choice (Remastered) (WMG - Warner Rhino Off Roster-Audio)
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  • 4:40pm Ode To The Mets by The Strokes on The New Abnormal (Cult Records/RCA Records)
  • 4:45pm by on ( )
  • 4:46pm Baby Sitter by Betty Wright on Baby Sitter (WMG - Atlantic Records)
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  • 4:52pm Sittin' On Top Of The World by Ana Popovic on Comfort To The Soul (Ruf Records)
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  • 4:57pm Comin' Back by Gabor Szabo on Jazz Raga (Verve Reissues)
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