January 17, 2018 -- Janis Joplin Birthday Bash for CHAT, From the Ashes @ Chat House #12


From the ashes rises “new hope,” a story of good samaritans helping their neighbors overcome the adversity of a house fire with love and grit. Inspired by a January 11, 2018 Chico News & Review article by Ken Smith and this weekends Janis Joplin’s Birthday Bash & Benefit for CHAT, Saturday the 20th at Trinity United Methodist Church. Doors at 6:30pm and show at 7pm. Robert Trausch with CHAT - Chico Housing Action Team joins the show with several musical performances from artists on the bill this Saturday.

00:00 -- Show Introduction
01:08 -- Janis Joplin Birthday Bash Forward Promo
02:11 -- Musical Performances and more info on the CHAT fundraiser
15:33 -- Lead-in for the past interviews with Mike Spurgeon and Jerry Weece. 
16:54 -- Jerry Weece on his Vietnam experience in the United States Military, from December 2012
18:30 -- Michael Spurgeon interview from November, 2014 
21:59 -- Lead-in for the CHAT house #12 interview, aka "New Hope"
22:41 -- Interview with Bob Trausch from Chico Housing Action Team on the way to Chat House #12
24:25 -- An interview at CHAT House #12 with Mike Spurgeon, Kathie Coulter, and Jerry Weece 

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  • 5:00pm Cry Baby by Janis Joplin on Collections (Legacy Recordings)
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