January 28, 2022 Kevin Kamps (Beyond Nuclear), Medea Benjamin (Code Pink) and Larry Wilkerson (College of Wm and Mary), Angela McLaughlin (Stand Up for Chico.)

11:30 Kevin Kamps  www.archive.beyondnuclear.org or www.beyondnuclear.org 

11:57 Medea Benjamin and Larry Wilkerson. You Tube: Emergency Webinar Is the U.S. going to War with Russia over Ukraine (1/26/2022)

12:30 Angela McLaughlin. Facebook Stand Up for Chico also www.chicovoters.org or on fb chicovoters. 

for unhoused persons- If you believe the city has violated the settlement agreement or you need more information about the terms of the settlement -phone 530-345-9491 to speak to Legal Services of Northern California. 

  • 12:20pm Living with War by Neil Young on Living with War (WMG - Reprise)
  • 12:22pm by on ( )
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