Feral Radio

If you're not listening, you're missing Feral Radio - The Old Bear Cat goes all over the map to bring back the tastiest musical morsels for your body, mind and spirit. 

Feral Radio is a genre of its own, going from ancient music to current artists with a mix of folk, jazz, blues R&B, reggae, western swing or early or classic rock, prog-rock or contemporary composition; inspired by the musical tastes of Hunter Thompson. Satori may be found in odd juxtapositions, and I aim to provide them.

You might hear Jeff Beck or J.S. Bach, Modern Jazz Quartet or Hank Williams, Loreena McKennitt or Bob Marley, Medieval Babes or Jethro Tull.

El Gato may be wild, but he doesn't bite, so join him this Sunday @ 7:30pm

  • Sundays, 7:30pm9:30pm
7:30pm, 7-7-2024
7:30pm, 6-30-2024