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Tom L | KZFR 90.1 FM CHICO
Tom L
Rockin' honky tonk music for truckers and travelers.
Lampdawg has worked his way up from Penny Lee's busboy to Chief Cook & bottle washer at the Salty Dog Saloon. Join him on Sunday afternoons from 3 - 5 pm for the TRUCKSTOP SPECIAL, where the real country outlaws hang out (Americana, alt country, southern rock).
Happy Hour specials every Sunday afternoon - Keep On Truckin' !

"Tom fell in love with rock & roll when he was just a youngster listening to Bay Area AM & FM radio stations in the sixties & seventies. After moving to Chico to attend college, he expanded his record collection to include blues, folk & bluegrass and began attending concerts regularly. After marrying Rosie & moving to Butte Creek Canyon, Tom embarked on a long career in education, teaching science at Chico High School for 30 years. One of his “hipper” students began calling him “The Lampdawg” & the nickname has stuck ever since. He also enjoys hiking, biking, traveling, sports, and stargazing. He had always liked southern rock but listening to KZFR about 15 years ago opened him up to Americana & country music. He started out his second career as a KZFR DJ about seven years ago by filling in for Penny Lee on Sunday's Truck Stop Special. He has since worked his way up from Penny Lee's busboy to chief cook & bottle washer at the Salty Dog Saloon. He truly enjoys keeping the juke joint jumpin’ by playing roadhouse rock & honky tonk music for truckers & travelers. Lampdawg was also excited to join John Miles co-hosting the Thursday's Basically the Blues lineup about 4 years ago. He enjoys keeping those guitar solos flying & the backbeat thumping. Johnny Winter said it best - “Why do they call it the blues when it makes me feel so good.” “The only difference between real country music and the blues is one beat apart.” – Waylon Jennings"