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Rafiki (Choctow) Webster | KZFR 90.1 FM CHICO
Rafiki (Choctow) Webster
"I would like to say that I am very fortunate and grateful to be a part of the KZFR family. My musical influence started during the 1960's, by being exposed to various genres of music by family members who were musicians either in church or in bands. Growing up in San Francisco primarily, I was exposed to Soul, gospel, funk, rock eventually jazz and from living in Oklahoma country music. It wasn't until I started high school in 1972, that I discovered reggae music to round out my electrical, musical interests. During high school, I had an interest in the bass guitar and saxophone, in which I practiced all the time, but I wasn't any good to play in any groups. But one thing that I could do very well, was spin some discs, since I was always hanging out at the record stores (Tower, Warehouse, Wauzi). Upon coming to Chico to attend college, we noticed that there wasn't good music on the radio locally, so my friends and I would make frequent trips to the Bay Area, to purchase albums with our financial aid money to host house parties in the area. We were always pipelining music from local stations out of S.F., Oakland and L.A (KDIA, KSOL, KDAY and KBLX) to keep us in the groove. I've also had 20 years experience of being musical roady, working with and accompanying bands at various casinos and outside venues. I like to thank my musical experience and knowledge to being a contributing factor to KZFR in which I've been on board since 2013. I was mentored by Jim Howell (who I co-hosted with) on All Mixed Up and Sanjay Dev from Devastation Sounds. It was Sanjay who put the bug in my ear to become a programmer on this esteemed station with the help of DJ PHG. Now I can proudly say that I now have my own show (Funky Reservation) who I proudly share with Lady Amsburger, and together, we bring you music from uncharted territories. We play new and old school classics that most of our listeners have never heard and make it relevant. That's the secret of our success, by keeping our music funky, and tasty, like good barbecue off the grill. So tune in on Thursday's and get your soulful explosion and join me every 4th Saturday on All Mixed Up. Thank you KZFR and I thank you wonderful listeners."