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Cohen Morano | KZFR 90.1 FM CHICO
Cohen Morano
Don't even worry about it. I'm a cool dude with a rad mood who's been in the game since late 2016.

"My show Left of Passage (previously Right of Passage) came from my pal Oliver Maes and I wanting to start a show that could be seen as a contrast to the other music being played on the station. Although Oliver has moved onto other things (such as a radio show at UC Davis), I continue to try to push the ranges of what is on local radio by constantly changing up what music gets played and trying to bring attention to genres that are under represented on the air waves. Although the show is only three years of age, I hope it continues to grow and evolve into new territory and continues to avoid being pinned down by any previous expectations of it. Are those bold claims for a radio show run by a 19 year old? Definitely. But does the show deliver? Probably not."