Thank you to everyone who volunteered with the Fall 2012 Pledge Drive.
4:49pm, 11-2-2012
Tell us what you want to hear. That's right! We listen to YOU.
11:13am, 10-26-2012
Thank you to everyone who pledged!! Unfortunately, we didn't quite make our goal. You can help us fill the budget gap by clicking on the Donate tab above. Share the love of community radio... and keep your favorite shows on the air!
8:55am, 10-24-2012
Check out the pix of the night's show.
1:12pm, 10-20-2012
But you don't have to wait until then. Show your support!
12:33pm, 10-15-2012
Thank you to everyone who walked & pedaled with KZFR in the parade! You're awesome!
9:35am, 10-14-2012
KZFR will be hosting the bar. Cheers!
6:00pm, 10-13-2012
Check out the KZFR insert inside this week's edition of the Chico News and Review
3:58pm, 10-11-2012
Buy your tickets at the door!
2:52pm, 10-11-2012
You could win this cool Felt bike that was custom made for the New Belgian Brewery.
8:58pm, 9-24-2012
We had a wonderful time at the TOUCH!
9:18am, 9-24-2012
Dozens of bodyworkers from various healing modalities gather to offer their special touches.
6:00pm, 9-4-2012
Local photographer Alan Sheckter got some amazing shots at the Jackie Greene benefit concert!
12:37pm, 8-21-2012