Up The Road on KZFR

We're pleased to announce that Kim Weir's popular "Up The Road" segment is joining the KZFR program line up starting on Sept 6th.

We're always keeping our ears open for new voices to add to our unique program line up so we are very happy to have Kim Weir join us!

“KZFR board members, staff, and volunteers have extended such a warm welcome to me, and to Up the Road, that I feel I’ve arrived at the right place. It’s been wonderful to realize the show is already appreciated here, and valued," Kim said after recording her debut show for KZFR. "So I’m excited about this change, not to mention the new directions and projects that may grow from it. Stay tuned!”

Each Up the Road episode is broadcast on KZFR on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 p.m.

About Up the Road - If you travel mostly to escape, Up the Road host Kim Weir says think again — and travel, instead, to more fully understand, appreciate, and enjoy your own backyard. Up the Road is dedicated to sustaining the California story, by deepening everyone’s connection with this unusual and surprising place. Each week Up the Road shares stories about the land, its natural history, and its people — the lives they have lived, the tales they have told over the centuries, and the stories they are creating right now. These are the stories that keep us all here, that continue to support California’s unique ecology of home.

What Listeners Are Saying

“When Kim Weir comes on the radio, I wonder why I ever feel the need to leave California. She has such deep, detailed knowledge of this place … Up the Road’s only flaw is probably its art: Episodes end too soon, just as listeners realize they want more.” - Michael Station

“Up the Road is my favorite public radio show … It’s not just about places, but people and their stories … from ocean adventures and understanding the ecosystem to stories of stagecoach robbers and booming mining towns that are now lost, but not forgotten.” - Torey Feldhaus

“I never fail to find Up the Road surprising, funny, and informative. We’ve taken Kim Weir’s advice on recent trips and enjoyed them immensely.” - Taran March

“No need to travel far for new, exciting adventures when there are so many right here in our backyard … Thank you, Up the Road, for the entertaining travelogues. Keep ‘em coming, please! - Wendy B. Pine

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