Program Committee Agenda - 5/5/16


KZFR Program Committee

Meeting Date: Thursday, May 5, 2016

341 Broadway 4th Floor, Suite 411 Chico, Calif. 95928


Members: Tammy Wichman, Ray Laager, Peter Ratner, Rick Anderson, Sterling Ogden.


I--- Welcome, roll call.


II--- Additions to agenda.


III--- Resignations.


IV--- Ratings Review.


V--- Program openings.



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Our loyal listeners, hard working volunteers and programmers plus our underwriters, dedicated staff and board for keeping KZFR broadcasting strong for over 27 years!
We could not staff a successful pledge drive without the help of the local non-profits who volunteer. You play a vital role in keeping KZFR strong and we appreciate you.
10:48am, 11-21-2017
We are honored. Thank you for voting for community radio!
The "quintessential California musician" at the Chico Women's Club
Moms Across America announces a nationwide campaign to ban glyphosate herbicides in all fifty of the United States.
11:34am, 11-16-2017