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Dinner With A Scientist

Location: Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room
  • 5:00pm10:00pm Friday, October 12, 2012

Chico Science Fair’s Annual Fundraiser, “Dinner With A Scientist” will occur on Friday, October 12th at the Sierra Nevada Big Room beginning at 5pm.Tables of five dine with a scientist of their choice – ask questions and learn about current science projects in many diverse fields while enjoying a catered Sierra Nevada dinner in the Big Room. The evening includes Hands-on Science Exhibits for kids (and grown-up kids), a Silent Auction, music by Jazzuppa Jazz Trio (Bob Aranguren, Art Davis and Scott Johnson) and guest speaker, Dr. Patricia Edelmann, Microbiologist, presenting: "Hidden From View; The Microbes That Keep Us Healthy.

For more information, contact Jane at 899-7508 or email chico dot science dot far at gmail dot com

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