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New Years Eve with KZFR

Location: Chico Women's Club
  • 7:00pm Friday, December 31, 202112:30am Saturday, January 1, 2022

Come ring in 2022 at The Chico Woman's Club with three great bands!

Opening up the show will be The Roses. A six piece acapella group made up of some of Chicos finest female voices. Their influences range from Rising Appalachia, Bonnie Raitt to Tom Petty.

Blu Egyptian will be doing something very special for this show. They will be putting together a Napoleon Dynamite/Pulp Fiction mashup set for all of us. They will have a few musical guests joining them.

Dead Awake will be doing 2 monster sets of Grateful Dead music to take us into the midnight hour and welcome 2022.

It will also be a celebration for Don Scott and Glenn Tucker, whom will be enjoying its gonna be one big party!

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