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monCA Pop-Up Museum

Location: 215 Main Street
    • 11:00am Wednesday, October 2, 20138:00pm Sunday, October 13, 2013

    The Museum of Northern California Art, also known as monCA, continues its commitment to making high quality art accessible to all members of the Chico community and beyond.  Starting on Wednesday October 2nd, MonCA will invite the community to a free “Pop-Up” museum located right in downtown Chico at 215 Main Street.  This exhibition will be open Wednesdays through Saturdays through October 26. Pop-Up museums are temporary art installations in nontraditional settings, like vacant retail stores. Pop-Ups spark conversation, actively engage the audience and never last long enough to become stale.  MonCA has already had a Pop Up at 325 Broadway in the spring of 2012 and another last fall at the Chico Mall.


    Pop Up Hours:                      Wednesdays  11:00  - 5:30

                                                 Thursdays       11:00 - 5:30

                                                 Fridays            11:00 – 6:00

                                                 Saturdays       11:00 -  5:00


    About the Pop Up Exhibitions


    Through the Eyes of the Collector is an exhibition of works from the collection of Reed Applegate, a Chico native and avid art collector since the 1960s. The works in this show consist of both a mix of local area artists and others in the northern California area, including John Ayres, Richard Hornaday, Tony Natsoulas and David Gilhooly.


    The curated exhibition for this pop-up museum is titled Art from Many Minds and consists of artwork from three very diverse cultures. These artists can be found at the Torres Shelter, ARC and three different Alzheimer facilities in Chico – Roseleaf Center, Amber Grove Place and The Terraces.  Art is often defined within a profession or as a hobby but for the groups represented here it is often an action taken for relaxation, as an exploration of their own minds or simply for the freedom it provides. The past experiences of these artists are either evident or hidden in their work while the freedom to create keeps them creatively challenged.  Alan Carrier has worked with the ARC artists for many years while Pat Macias teaches a weekly art class at the Torres Shelter as a way to divert the loneliness that often occurs at a homeless shelter. Eduardo Gonzales, a Fulbright student at the University of California, Chico has worked with people with Alzheimer as he continues his research into memory loss.


    Art sessions will be a part of the 2013 pop-up occurring on Saturdays from 11 am – 2 pm.  The sessions are open to children 5 years and older. With art from the collection as guiding examples, young artists can draw, paint or collage their own work of art to take home. Docents will be on hand to help in the process and the cost for this experience is $5.00 per child or $10.00 per family with all money raised used for Educational Outreach to the schools.      

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