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Save Our Heritage Trees

Location: Chico, CA
    • 9:00am Wednesday, July 10, 20135:00pm Saturday, August 31, 2013
    Save Our Heritage Trees
    Third St. and Chestnut, the site of the latest logging project planned by the City of Chico.   On this corner you will find six, magnificent, tall, shady, old, walnut trees, so old they may have been planted by John Bidwell.  So to fix the sidewalk the City’s plan is: CUT ‘EM ALL DOWN.  What a shame!  
    Arborist Scott Wineland says maybe two could go, but four are in great shape.  Let them stand.  He will prune them at no charge to the City.    Chico used to be called the City of Trees.  After the recent removal of at least 66 healthy heritage type trees the title may have to be changed to City of Chain saws.   Call your City Council person before they are all gone!  Scot and I are going to pay the City fees to have those four officially declared Heritage Trees.  Call us if you’d like to help. 343-3152 or e mail Charles at
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