August 11, 2017 -- Maddi Gruber on playing with Green Day, Merry Standish, Ken Smith on LaMalfa Takes a Licking. Dave Waddell with Madeline Hemphill, Meg Amor from the music video Perfect

Maddi Gruber goes from front row to center stage with Green Day at their Oakland show on August 5th followed by Jason Cassidy Arts Devo at the Chico News and review with his Arts Lowdown.

Merry Standish Comedy with Liz Merry and Aaron Standish share some laughs along with the particulars on their opening act for Will Durst: The Durst Case Tour -- a KZFR 90.1 FM fundraiser at the Chico Women's Club Friday doors at 7pm Show at 8pm.

Ken Smith from the Chico News & Review discusses his "LaMalfa takes a licking" essay. Dave Waddell News Director at interviews Chico State Student Madeline Hemphill regarding the recent District Attorney's report on the loss of her phone during an arrest that included being tackled to the ground by members of Chico Police Department

We end the show with Meg Amor on her role in the award winning music video Perfect produced by learn more about the video in this Chico Enterprise-Record which includes a link to the video.

00:00 -- Tail end of Devastation Sounds
00:40 -- Maddi Gruber describes what the Chico Vibe means to her
00:55 -- Top of the hour
01:23 -- KZFR Music Calendar
03:08 -- Maddi Gruber
11:33 -- Arts Devo Jason Cassidy with the arts lowdown
18:03 -- Underwriter
18:31 -- Merry Standish Comedy
22:02 -- Naomi Eisenberg
23:10 -- Ken Smith
27:40 -- Everheart's question to LaMalfa on economic inequality
29:25 -- Public question to LaMalfa on affordable housing
31:09 -- Public comment and question on the opioid crisis
36:22 -- Dave Waddell interviews Madeline Hemphill
51:35 -- Underwriter
52:12 -- Cody Johns from Million Year Trip
53:44 -- Meg Amor from the music video Perfect

  • 6:01pm Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2 by Drake on Nothing Was The Same (Cash Money/Young Money/Universal Records)
  • 6:01pm by on ( )
  • 6:09pm Crush by Madd on Q.E.D. (Madd)
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