August 9, 2017 -- Meagan Meloy School Ties: Back to School Connect, Shahera Hyatt California Homeless Youth Project, Emily Bateman HEART Program and Dena Kapsalis Principal at Honey Run Academy


School age homelessness with Shahera Hyatt, Director California Homeless Youth Project, Emily Bateman with the Homeless/runaway Emergency Action Response Team - HEART Program, Dena Kapsalis, Principal at Honey Run Academy, an alternative day school in Paradise and Meagan Meloy, Program Coordinator at School Ties of Butte County.

00:00 -- Show Theme
01:06 -- Show Rundown
02:13 -- Meagan Meloy
06:00 -- Shahera Hyatt
13:10 -- Emily Bateman and Dena Kapsalis
26:40 -- Show Ending

11:53pm, 6-25-2018
The greater part of destitute youth is not some portion of the child care or adolescent equity frameworks and accordingly need state underpins in those projects, the undertaking found. Numerous say they wind up in the city in light of family struggle, manhandle, disregard or dismissal over the sexual introduction.
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