August 2, 2017 -- School Ties Back to School Connect with Sandra Morales, Dena Kapsalis and Jess Candela

School Ties: Back-to-School Connect and homelessness in our school system. Insights from educators, youth experiencing homelessness,Butte County Youth Advisory Council and the California Homeless Youth Project

00:00 -- Show theme
01:10 -- Show rundown
02:18 -- Sandra Morales; her experience as an educator in Martinez, California
04:46 -- Balancing School and Siblings a production of the California Homeless Youth Project  
06:37 -- Dena Kapsalis, principal at Honey Run Academy in Paradise, California
13:19 -- Jess Candela, School Ties project coordinator for Back to School Connect on August 8th in Chico, California

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